Total Hip Replacement: A Personal Perspective

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Chapter II.Gathering Information

In the course of preparing myself for my hip replacement, I came across three excellent books, which I shall summarize in this chapter. Having been published within the past three or four years, they contain reasonably up-to-date information written for the nonprofessional. Each book provides a different perspective. My recommendation, if you have time, is to read all three (after reading my book, of course!). There is no such thing as being too prepared!

Arthritis of the Hip and Knee

Ronald J. Allen is a law professor who has undergone two hip replacement operations. Co-author Brander is the physician who directed Allenís physical therapy. The other co-author, S. David Stulberg, is his surgeon. The book is well organized, with Allenís patientís perspectives interspersed with technical information from the doctors. It is richly illustrated with photographs, X-rays, and drawings. This book is a rich source of information, incorporating perspectives of the patient, the surgeon, and the physical therapist in an easily readable, informative style.

Allen, Ronald J, Victoria Anne Brander, M.D., and S. David Stulberg, M.D., Arthritis of the Hip & Knee: The Active Personís Guide to Taking Charge, (Atlanta, Peachtree Publishers), ISBN 1-56145-149-5, 1998.

A Patientís Guide to Knee and Hip Replacement

Author Irwin Silber is a 67-year-old journalist who has undergone total replacement of both knees and one hip. His narrative is smooth and engaging, as one would expect from a journalist. I found the subject coverage very complete, even including recommendations for sex positions during convalescence. If you want a book written from the patientís perspective that is also well researched and accurate with respect to medical issues, this is the one to buy.

Silber, Irwin, A Patientís Guide to Knee and Hip Replacement, (New York: Fireside), ISBN 0-684-83920-2, 1999.

All About Hip Replacement: A Patientís Guide

This is a book written by a Dr. Richard Trahair, an Australian physician and hip replacement patient. In it, he provides his own as well as other patientsí feelings about how they approached the decision to have hip surgery, their time in the hospital, and recuperating after the operation. The strength of this book lies in the variety of hip replacement experiences provided by the twelve very diverse ďinformants,Ē who ranged from a university student in her twenties to a woman in her eighties, with a good, representative sampling of patients of other ages. It is a quick read, with a very good glossary.

Trahair, Richard, All About Hip Replacement: A Patientís Guide, (Melbourne, Australia: Oxford University Press), ISBN 0-19-554112-X, 1998.

All of these books provide details of the surgery and rehabilitation exercises, which are significant omissions in my book. While it is possible that at some future time I will add this information, I feel that it would be hard to compete. Thus, I reiterate my recommendation to read these books.


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