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Oregon vs. PSU2429 viewsThe mighty Oregon Pintail Ducks (as they were known back then) of the Pac-8 Conference(before Arizona and Arizona State were added to make it the Pac-10) came to Beaver Stadium and beat the Nittany Lions, 22-14. Here, one of their guys has beaten the Penn State secondary and is headed for paydirt. However, their quarterback, Bob Perry, paid dearly! He would go on to torch our defense for 200 yards and fire three touchdown passes on that day, October 4, 1964.
Close-up of Our State-of-the-Art Scoreboard in 19642376 viewsIn this age of Jumbo-Trons and lots and lots of advertisements, it is tempting to want to simplify stuff to the way it was back in the day--at least for us geezers. With Mt. Nittany and the ridges surrounding Happy Valley as a backdrop, the old scoreboard was a beautiful sight.
Block S Salutes the Incoming Freshmen2165 viewsClass of '68. Where have the years gone?
Band Day2119 viewsBand day was very colorful, as a collection of uniformed high school bands assembled to fill the field. Note the goal posts at the rear of the end zone. In 1964, they were about five feet wider than they are now.
Big Beave From My Dorm Window, Morning of Game Day2109 viewsI had bought this great big telephoto lens for my Yashica Penta J-5 and I damn well wanted to use it. This was shot from my third floor window in what was then known as East Hall E (now McKean), looking east toward the stadium and the foothills of Mt. Nittany back in October 1964.
Homecoming Day, 19641959 viewsSyracuse vs. Penn State. Guess who won? You're right, it was Syracuse, 21-14. Syracuse beat us three years in a row from 1964 to 1966. Under head coach Rip Engle, the Nittany Lions went on to finish 6-4 that year and were ranked #14 in the final AP poll. (Syracuse was ranked #12, doggone it!) Floyd Little was the stud runner for Syracuse that day, and it was only his sophomore year. He was unstoppable. Nevertheless, the sun shone on Mt. Nittany, visible behind the east stands, that glorious fall day.
Block S Does Its Thing1742 viewsOn a beautiful fall day in 1964.

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The Blue Band Prepares to March1592 viewsPhoto taken from what was then the freshman/sophomore section, at what was called "the closed end of the horseshoe" and is now referred to as the north stands. Now, both ends are closed and there is no view of Mt. Nittany from inside the stadium.
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Hawksbill Mountain1022 viewsViewed from across the gorge, Hawksbill Mountain (seen here) is adjacent to Table Rock Mountain. I suppose that if you look closely, you can see what resembles a hawk's bill.
NC Fall 2003 - 09.jpg
A Lookout at Wiseman's View1015 viewsA very serene place on an autumn day. The man pictured at the pulpit worked here many years ago. Thus, he had some interesting stories about the gorge.
Obligatory Hooters Waitress Picture1015 viewsShe was a fine server and this should prove to be a popular photo in my waitress photo collection. David and I were driven by fate to this Inner Harbor establishment, because we accidentally took a wrong turn that caused us to miss the original destination, a crowded joint closer to the stadium. This worked out fine, because the Hooters menu is well known and predictable. Moreover, the view here was much better. Looks like this little missy was imported from the Towson branch for the apres-football crush.
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Table Rock Mountain911 viewsViewed from across the gorge, Table Rock Mountain makes its presence and the reason for its name obvious. It is a favorite among rock climbers because of its sheer granite faces.
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