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water hikes 2003 - 05.jpg
Halfway Point181 viewsWe're at the location of the old railroad bridge across the Econolockhatchee River. This was a fairly tame location, even though the water was up to our knees. About 500 feet from where this picture was taken, I almost drowned. The current was rapid and the water was over our heads. Thanks to the survival training of Catherine, I got to survive this one.
water hikes 2003 - 01.jpg
Girl Island162 viewsHere we see David and Catherine in knee deep water. We had begun to encounter water about a quarter mile into the hike. I mean, I asked them whether their boots were waterproof and all! Anyway, there were some girls camping in an area that was totally surrounded by water like this, which inspired David to name the area Girl Island. Where David and Catherine are standing in the photo here is normally a dry trail.
water hikes 2003 - 03.jpg
Walk on Water Bridge160 viewsYou would think that this foot bridge was built a little too low, because the water level is well over the decking. By that time, I was wet enough that I opted to take the bridge anyway, because I would have gotten even wetter if I waded across the stream. I still had my cap here.
water hikes 2003 - 11.jpg
David and Catherine at My Posing Spot147 viewsIt was dry, too. This is actually a couple of days after the Famous Water Hike. Taken at Canaveral National Seashore next to Mosquito Lagoon.
water hikes 2003 - 10.jpg
Kalanchoe (Life Plant)141 viewsThis exotic, originally from Africa, grows wild now in Central Florida. We found a large clump of them not far from the Great Picnic Table of Repose at Canaveral National Seashore.
water hikes 2003 - 16.jpg
Banks of the Econ141 viewsThis is I, sitting on a sand bar by the Econolockhatchee River, one of my favorite scenic Central Florida rivers, and the one that overflowed its banks to give us the opportunity to partake in the adventure of the Famous Water Hike of 2003!
water hikes 2003 - 09.jpg
Picnic Lunch137 viewsI found this picnic table quite comfortable as David and Catherine explored the area. This was at Canaveral National Seashore on the shores of Mosquito Lagoon.
water hikes 2003 - 07.jpg
End of the Trail135 viewsDavid, Catherine, and I pose for the obligatory soggy boots photo after tromping through six miles of water.
water hikes 2003 - 06.jpg
Hmmm...Looks Like a Flame Azalea131 viewsBut I don't think it is. They grow well north of here, in the mountains of western North Carolina. The coloring and some of the characteristics are the same, although the flowers are pointing up instead of drooping down like azaleas. I hope that one of you botanists can give me a hand with the identification of these pretty blooms.
water hikes 2003 - 12.jpg
Lantana131 viewsThese bushes are prolific all over Florida. They grow wild, but people also use them for formal hedges.
water hikes 2003 - 04.jpg
Ben and David Dry Off125 viewsStanding in the sun did a little good. By the time this picture was taken, my cap had been swept away in a raging current as we crossed what normally was a fairly dry gully. The current was swift enough to knock me off my feet.
water hikes 2003 - 08.jpg
Golden Orb Spider124 viewsCommonly called banana spiders in this area, these orb weavers are large and they build impressive webs, sometimes three or four feet across. They usually hang their webs between trees that I'm destined to walk between so that they can have the last laugh when I have to pull the damn web off my face. (Of course I've rendered them temporarily homeless in the process.)
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