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Most viewed - Wekiwa Springs State Park - February 2007
RD Finds a Cache98 viewsBut will he log it before 2010?
Witherington Run76 viewsSee? I told you it was pristine until Cosmo mucked it up! Photo by RD.
And Cosmo Continues to Look On73 viewsHe wasn't sure about this whole thing. Photo by RD.
Ben Is First into the Sinkhole72 viewsEvidence of prior defacing of the sinkhole exists on the wall in front of him, like right below the triangle. Photo by RD.
Don Descends into the Sinkhole as Cosmo Looks On72 viewsPhoto by RD.
Ben Inscribes His Name71 viewsWell, I thought that the "B" and the "N" had disappeared because I saw only an "E" but actually I was looking in the wrong place. I did not look at the triangle. Photo by RD.
Working on the Sinkhole Wall71 viewsI was intent on leaving my mark. Photo by RD.
Cosmo Takes a Drink69 viewsWell, Witherington Spring provides a nice little stream with cute little fishes and it is nice, clear water, BUT only Cosgrove could turn such an idyllic setting into a friggin' mudbath! He picked the part of the stream with the blackest, muddiest bottom and emerged with four black legs. THIS would need to get into my Jeep later. Photo by RD.
Don Contemplates a Fish69 viewsI think it was the same fish, Bruce, that he contemplated the last time we stood on this bridge. Photo by RD.
Cosmo Looks Intently (for food)68 viewsOur resident chow hound knows only a couple of things. One is food.
Acres and Acres of Summer Farewells68 viewsThe Summer Farewells and wiregrass dominate the understory of this sandhill ecomosystem.
Don Contemplates a Rock66 viewsOr a sandy wall. Or is he planning to carve his initials in it? Photo by RD.
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