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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie198 viewsWell, I couldn't let this go on forever. Both Thrush and Wonder Dog Cosmo were snoring, which I thought might be misinterpreted by the local bears as a mating call or something.
Shady Part of a Trail94 viewsSome of the trails in the forest are broad, some are narrow, and some are nice and shady.
Grassy Trail98 viewsNice, soft walking along this trail.
And, so, they continue...45 viewsDavid sallies forth on the section of the Florida National Scenic Trail that runs through the park.
Jenny Finds a Cache80 viewsShe still had her 50 cent gloves on at this point. She later lost them on the trail. You see, Jenny grew up in Chicago where they never have cold weather like this. (Yeah, right.)
Jenny Shows Don How It's Done79 viewsDon will get the hang of this Geocaching thing one of these years.
RD, Cosmo, and Bonnie79 views
Jenny and Bonnie79 viewsBonnie is smiling but Jenny is not. Perhaps she was getting serious because Don told her about the guy who told him not to be so serious all the time. (Yeah, right.) Cosmo always figures out how to get into the picture.
Rogues Gallery74 viewsThat's RD, Don, and me. I'm Ben, the titular leader of these expeditions and raconteur par excellence.
Great Blue Heron77 viewsI know, I know. I have lots of GBH pictures. Here's one more.
The Jenny Tree77 viewsShe saw it, she liked it, and she photographed it. We don't know what it is. Please help us identify it. It is willow-like.
Bird on a Knee58 viewsA cypress knee, of course. This bird has been positively identified as an LBJ (little brown jobber). (Photo by Jenny.)
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