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A lot of road grading was going on here in the reserve72 viewsAnd it didn't make hiking on the sugar sand in the scrub areas any easier, lemme tellya.
Unripe blueberries72 views
White thing61 viewsJenny has my wildflower book. (Snow pea, maybe perhaps?)
Other white thing66 viewsWe're still waiting on a positive ID of this plant from our last hike in Wekiwa Springs State Park. (White-top aster, maybe perhaps?)
Mushroom growing in decaying horse turd61 viewsWho SAID mushrooms like shit?
A nice little broom sedgey trail55 views
A nice little sugar sandy trail56 views
Pink things as yet unidentified from last hike59 views
Pines and grass and stuff76 views
Pinkish-purple thing58 views
It got prettier from this point75 viewsAnd not too far down this road from this point, I spotted a bobcat taking a cat nap right on the road. I had a full face photo op and I blew it. I was stupid. I'm looking at the bobcat who didn't know I was there yet and instead of grabbing my camera, I'm thinking, "That's sure as hell a big stray cat." So, I looked at the cat and said, "Hey you!" That scared it, so it got up and ran into the woods. Further down the road I saw some turkeys and didn't get a picture of them, either!
A whole clearing full of yellow things49 viewsMust be catnip for Bob.
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