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Andrea Major - Monty's Secretary290 viewsA member of the Munnings family, Andrea replaced a previous secretary who was nicknamed "Track Shoe" by Monty. Andrea's nickname was "Maj."
Bed Making Contest - Hotel Day at Fort Charlotte199 viewsHere, Jack Gallaway, the first of two Managing Directors who ran the resort competes in the managers' bed-making contest. Note the period bell-bottoms and the posture.
Me and Sandy212 viewsWearing my favorite period linen leisure suit, I grope Sandy (another member of the extensive Munnings family), as she mugs for the camera. (Photo by Gus Roberts.)
Me, at Harriet's Apartment439 viewsHarriet was a Miami girlfriend at the time, one of two Jewish girlfriends I ever had. Once again, I am wearing a leisure suit, this time with a period Qiana shirt. I think I had smoked some funny cigarettes before this picture was taken. The bear is from Kent State University, Harriet's alma mater. She was from Cleveland, you see. Shaker Heights, even. I think that the picture on the table was Neil Diamond, and I seem to recall that Harriet had a big thing for Barry Manilow. That was a long, long time ago.
Connie and Me230 viewsMy New York girlfriend of the period, Jody, took this picture of her roommate, Connie, and me in my apartment at Montagu Village in Nassau. Connie wound up finding true love (or at least lust) with one of the Austrian chefs named Hans at King & Knights, a popular club at the time. (Actually, I set Connie up with Hans so I could have Jody to myself.)
Christmas 1972209 viewsA group shot of the accounting staff of the resort, with me on the right in my double-knit zoot suit from Barney's New York. (Yeah, seriously--they sold crap like that back then!)
Christmas 1973199 viewsWe had color by this time, and we just included the office staff, for some reason excluding all the cashiers. There I am, center front.
A Collage Somebody Made193 viewsMaybe someone can identify the people in this picture. I don't know who made it or how I got it.
David Hadland252 viewsDavid, an English ex-patriate, was a good friend of mine. He had worked at a resort in Acapulco before joining the staff at Paradise Island as front-office manager. David was rather popular with the ladies wherever he went. Unfortunately, David is no longer with us.
Executive Sales Function304 viewsPictured here are managing director Jack Gallaway (center) and Director of Sales Joey Johnson (left) along with two um sales clients at the Tradewinds Lounge. We always had lots of sales clients in the Tradewinds Lounge.
Group Shot at Some Outdoor Function213 viewsI can remember all these people, but I only remember some of their names. From left to right, we have Cassie, ????, ????, Lana Smith, and Peter Major.
David Hadland220 viewsAnother picture of the late ladies' man, David Hadland.
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