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View from the Room at the Greenville Marriott353 viewsI was picked up at the airport in one of those BMWs, which are given featured parking spaces directly in front of the hotel.
Driving Instructor Jim507 viewsJim gave us a brief lecture in the classroom before we headed out to the track to try out what we learned.
The Line-Up at the Performance Center Track333 viewsEach customer gets to drive a car similar to his or her own on the track. In the foreground is the M3 that I would drive.
Another Picture of the Surrogate M3385 viewsSome of the others who were participating in the day's performance center delivery event are seen behind the M3: the 545i Englishman, the Atlanta Z4 Couple, and driving instructor Jim.
Lining Up for the ABS Braking Drill326 viewsWe got to stand on the brakes at up to 55 mph (minus the usual BMW speedometer error) and steer around an obstacle.
The Z4 Couple Being Photographed269 viewsThey resourcefully pressed driving instructor Jim into service as photographer to record their Performance Center Delivery experience.
The 545i Takes to the Skid Pad309 viewsIt was a rainy day to begin with, but the skid pad always is made slippery by a high-powered irrigation system. Here, we would test our new knowledge of Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), by observing how the car responds with and without DSC turned on. We did lots of doughnuts with DSC off.
The 545i about to Spin Out294 viewsThis tight oval was impossible to negotiate at any decent speed without spinning, with DSC turned off.
The Z4 Takes to the Skid Pad267 viewsWhile I sat safe and dry in the M3, the Z4 headed out to do some doughnuts.
Z4 on the Skid Pad262 viewsBoth members of the Z4 Couple were able to do all the drills.
The Performance Center Cafeteria576 viewsWe didn't lunch here. They gave us a private room for our group and our hosts.
The Delivery Chamber429 viewsThis is my M3 with 2 miles on the odometer in its own little room at the Performance Center, where all its functions would be explained and the keys handed over to me. I brought a license plate with me for its butt.
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