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Bear Chewed Cache Container170 viewsHere, we see that the owner's assertion about the Ocala National Forest bears having chewed the cache container was true. Pictured with the Mommy Bear travel bug and the owner's inscription in the cache log, the bear teeth marks are clearly visible.
Susan Gets the High-Five from Phoenix182 viewsPhoenix the border collie is trained to share the elation of FTFs. There wasn't enough room to do the required dance in the brush there, so we waited until we had some appropriate open space before doing it. Pictures of the terpsichore are omitted to protect the innocent.
Susan Inscribes the Log135 viewsAs Phoenix rests (i.e., gets in the way), Susan records our accomplishment in the pristine log book.
The Log Entry135 viewsYour roving photojournalist records every bit of trivia.
Victory Pose154 viewsDagger couldn't join the picture, because Dagger was keeping hiddenrock company back home. Here we see Susan, Phoenix, cache container, and various contents splayed across the forest floor.
Near the Cache143 viewsPhoenix inspects a stick that he eventually selected for one of his myriad games of "fetch the stick." Sometimes, he wanted to play "fetch the pine cone," just for variety.
Does a Bear Crap in the Woods?193 viewsYeah...ALL OVER! It was very easy to see that the Ocala National Forest is the bear capital of Florida. Very hard to avoid. Interesting diet.
Some Forest Scenery227 viewsI like the winter scenes. The tall grass is brown, contrasting with the blue water and green pine needles.
A Game of Fetch the Stick220 viewsWith beautiful natural scenery as a backdrop, Susan and Phoenix play game #274 of fetch the stick.
Susan and Phoenix Pose211 viewsA nice, grassy meadow in the forest. It was a beautiful winter day, with temperature in the 60s. Perfect hiking weather.
Forest Lake228 viewsThere were several lakes in this area. The campsites between the lakes were teeming with people by mid-afternoon on Saturday. On the way out, we passed even more of them heading this way in droves.
Resting Up for the Hike Back230 viewsAfter finding the target cache (and one other not far away), Susan and Phoenix rest on a fallen tree before starting back.
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