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Moochie Laces 'em Up132 viewsArriving in separate vehicles, we began the day's competition. Bob arrived first, then zbeard and me. We had sufficient time to talk about ABENDS before moochie arrived, after having polished her man's golf clubs.
Moochie, Cosmo, and Bob Inspect Cache Contents134 viewsAt the first cache, Cosmo knew that there had to be some food in there. Alas, there wasn't. It was just his way of getting himself into the picture (as usual).
Bob Grimaces after Releasing an Unidentified Substance112 viewsAt the second cache of the day, Moochie watches in horror as Bob gets white stuff on his hand.
Moochie (Deb) and zbeard (R.D.)129 viewsMoochie had climbed partway up the rootball of the fallen giant, which was gigantic indeed.
Another View of the Fallen Giant120 viewsThat's a big old live oak with Bob riding shotgun, Moochie riding the roots, and zbeard trying to figure out why his iQue 3600 is telling him something different.
One of the Better Bridges on the Bike Trails189 viewsThere are all kinds of bridges, both well engineered and improvised. Some of them are superfluous, too, except at rainy times of the year. Of course, when the river floods, they are superfluous, too, because they're under water. Here, moochie and zbeard traipse on whilst I lag behind taking crooked pictures.
At the Poster Cache106 viewsBob and moochie look at posters, while zbeard tries to stay awake.
It Was a Propane Bottle108 viewsWe spotted this across the river and thought we might have to swim over there if it was a geocache. It wasn't; we didn't, much to the gators' delight. (The gators would have choked on us.)
Cosmo Gettin' in the Picture109 viewsThe old mutt looked tired already at this point and we weren't even half done!
A View from the South Bank117 viewsThe Econolockhatchee River in all its tannic splendor. We took some pictures here to stall so that a group of bikers could disperse before we grabbed the cache at this point.
Another Diversion Picture114 viewsBob was chatting with the bikers while I took this picture, looking toward the west.
OK, One More Picture128 viewsBob was finishing up with the mountain bikers, so it was back to the cache.
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