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Ranger who told us "no dogs at primitive campsites."113 viewsShe worked out a compromise for us, renting us a family camp site instead.
Fire! Hot!116 viewsFrankenstein's monster checks to see if the good doctor programmed him correctly.
Cosmo approves of the fire140 viewsStanding by RD's tent, he who denied us the primitive camping experience peers over guiltily.
A watched pot never boils122 viewsRD boils water for coffee with his single-burner camp stove. This was shortly before he burned the shit out of his hand on the handle of the pot. In that we wound up car camping instead of backpacking, it would have been possible to bring an electric coffee pot, circumventing the depicted, dangerous procedure. The campsite had full electrical hookups.
Night falls on the non-primitive campsite131 viewsThat's my tent on the left and RDs on the right (next to the electrical hookup). Da thing it was is that this campground is close to the busy roads that border the southern end of the park. Thus, traffic noise is audible. The primitive campsite we originally had in mind didn't have that problem.
Night visitor131 viewsAt one point, Cosmo growled as he stared up at a tree. RD shone his flashlight up there and found this burglar waiting for a chance to grab some goodies. Sorry about the blurry picture. It was the best I could do.
Another look at the raccoon134 viewsNormally, at this park, one has to be concerned about bears getting to food at the campsites. We had a solution. Put the food in the car. Obviously, if we had backpacked as originally planned, we wouldn't have had that option. But in this case, the bears and raccoons were foiled by our clever plan. Had this coon even so much as harbored the notion of coming out of the tree to get our food, Cosmo the Coonhound would have been on him like a laser-guided missile. (Sorry for another blurry picture.)
Dawn at the campsite137 viewsThe tents survived the night and a good night's sleep was had by all. No one even bitched about my snoring. I thought I heard an armadillo scratching around a couple of times during the night, but I was too lazy to get out of the tent and chase him away. Upon further reflection, it turned out to be Cosmo rearranging his bed.
Cosmo gets ready for action148 viewsIt was morning and he wanted to hit the trail. So, we did.
A pretty weed134 viewsI don't know what this is, but it looked nice.
RD and Cosmo lead the way131 viewsOn Florida hikes, the lead person gets to knock down the big spider webs, usually with his face.
Along the white trail111 views
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