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Waitin' for My Cousin182 viewsPaula was at a reception for her boss. Meanwhile, I arrived and helped myself to the Dewars.
Paula Gettin' Ready to Go to Work190 viewsNote the studied casualness of the coiffure.
Carl Schurz Park175 viewsOne of many parks in Manhattan that are less heralded than Central Park, but are nevertheless pleasant oases. This one is on the Upper East Side at the East River Promenade and East 86th Street.
Local Wildlife177 viewsThe squirrels aren't too squirrely. They're more like dogs begging for food. Hell, everything seems to beg for food in New York: pigeons, squirrels, sparrows, dogs, people...
Lighthouse at Tip of Roosevelt Island194 viewsAs viewed from the East River Promenade. Beyond the lighthouse is Long Island City, Queens.
East River Promenade189 viewsThe Promenade provides a safe place for joggers, walkers, and pushers of baby buggies. Part of it sits on top of the East Side Highway (FDR Drive). That's the Queensborough Bridge (better known as the 59th Street Bridge) in the distant mist.
Dorothy Frankel's "L.O.V.E." Sculpture356 viewsThis bronze sculpture is part of a larger series of work based on sign language that Dorothy Frankel has completed in recent years. Slightly larger than life, the sculptures are modeled in terra cotta from a life model and then cast in bronze. Three of Frankel's sculptures are exhibited at Carl Schurz Park, East River Promenade and 86th Street.
Wilted Sunflowers170 viewsThey were big, but they were past their peak (obviously!).
Lilacs (I think)166 viewsAgain at Carl Schurz park, these pretty purple flowers provide a colorful contrast with the East River on a gray autumn day.
The Metropolitan Museum179 viewsThe big exhibit was--um--China.
Wider View of the Metropolitan Museum146 viewsAt Fifth Avenue and 82nd Street, the huge museum occupies several blocks, and is now being expanded again
Building across from the Metropolitan160 viewsI thought the little building on the corner was cool.
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