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Start of the Trek166 viewsHere we see Finley and Mike alighting from Mike's gigantic Dodge Ram truck. This is at the parking area at the south end of the Seminole State Forest, by SR 46. We had all driven up to the north end (off SR 44) and I left my Jeep there. Then, we all drove back to the south end, prompting the insouciant question (from Dick), "Wait a minute. Why didn't we drop one car here and then drive to the north end?" I have no answer for that other than I wanted to do it THIS way!
Red-Shouldered Hawk on Limb Overhanging Blackwater Creek116 viewsThis red-shouldered hawk was rather vocal about proclaiming that this was his territory.
Acadian Flycatcher (I think)102 viewsHe's not very clear because I had to rack out all the way and then use digital zoom to boot.
Acadian Flycatcher (I think)107 viewsThe yellow belly sort of identifies him. Again, this was zoomed to the max.
Mike and Dick by Blackwater Creek116 viewsThis nicely shaded picnic table gave us a little rest and a respite from the sun.
Mike and Ben at the picnic table.146 viewsWe did the whole combinatorial round-robin.
Dick and Ben at the picnic table.160 viewsAnd there ya go.
Little Blue Heron141 viewsAs viewed from the picnic table.
Mike and the Gopher Tortoise155 viewsDeep into the hike through the sinister jungle, Mike captured this dangerous reptile. He proudly displayed his trophy for the camera.
Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata)147 viewsDick pointed out that our passion fruit are small and not very useful, but the flowers are still pretty.
The End of the Trail--Dick and Mike163 viewsDick and Mike in the shade of a gigantic tree at the north end, where we had dropped off the jeep five hours earlier.
The End of the Trail--Dick and Ben151 viewsAnd here we go with the combinatorics again, even as the Jeep cools down in the background.
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