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Isaac Presents His Best Side to the Camera251 viewsThis is Isaac's favorite position when he's not screaming.
David and Isaac in the Burping Position144 viewsThis is one of the positions employed in a futile attempt to stop the screaming. Here, we see Isaac looking on with great curiosity as Daddy pursues the quieting task with great, fatherly diligence.
Burping Achieves Its Desired Effect168 viewsApparently, the burping position worked, for here we see David and Isaac passed out in the football watching position. The football watching sofa is a high-tech affair with two fully reclining vibra-massage positions at either end and a console in the center with built-in speaker phone, vibra-massage controls, drink holders, and a feature wherein one rings for Catherine to bring nachos.
Uncle Ben and Isaac Dive for the Fumble182 viewsThe blue and red football was on the beige turf and both sides went for it. Middle linebacker Isaac (better known as Butkus-head) recovered the fumble because he started screaming, which distracted [highly] offensive tackle Uncle Ben and his teammate, Mickey Mouse (#69), who suffered a severe injury on the play. Mouse (center, prostrated) had to be removed from the field in the meat wagon. (Be patient, people. The Hooters photos are forthcoming.)
Catherine Makes Smoothies178 viewsThe smoothie machine was running full-bore with a 120 dB sound much reminiscent of a certain Taurus SHO's mufflers. Catherine, ever the genial hostess and water hike lifeguard, cranked out our smoothies in the nick of time, mere moments before she would have suffered permanent hearing loss.
The Game234 viewsDavid generously shared his season tickets with my butt as the Steelers came to town. I wore my Steelers shirt, which would have probably gotten me killed if the Steelers had won. Alas, they lost, and I was only subjected to minor scorn, taunting, and further humiliation from the nice Baltimorons. In this picture, we see Steeler QB Tommy Maddox staying well away from the play shortly before his arm injury, while Duce Staley does the heavy lifting. This would turn out to be the Steelers' only loss of the regular season.
With Steelers Losing, Other Distractions Became Important233 viewsHere, we see the Ravens cheerleaders in their Rockettes routine. The Steelers have no cheerleaders. Is it because Dan Rooney is too cheap, or is it because of the team image of no frills, smashmouth football and no bullshit? Anyhow, these babes were mighty easy on the eye.
Apres Game Waiting Area562 viewsDavid identified this Kodak moment as we sat down in a popular bar by Baltimore's Inner Harbor that has something to do with owls.
Obligatory Hooters Waitress Picture1032 viewsShe was a fine server and this should prove to be a popular photo in my waitress photo collection. David and I were driven by fate to this Inner Harbor establishment, because we accidentally took a wrong turn that caused us to miss the original destination, a crowded joint closer to the stadium. This worked out fine, because the Hooters menu is well known and predictable. Moreover, the view here was much better. Looks like this little missy was imported from the Towson branch for the apres-football crush.
New Tradition: Hooters Hostess Photo529 viewsDavid kindly offered to stand behind the lens as I groped the hostess on the way out. All in all, it was a pleasant visit. The guys in the background thought it was pretty funny, especially because I was wearing a Steelers shirt. You see, if we had defeated Baltimore, the marauding Pittsburghers would have had their choice of the local women to defile; with the loss, the best I could hope for was borrowing one for a picture.
The Great Johnny Unitas276 viewsOn the way back to the car from Hooters, we paused so that I could take a picture of this statue memorializing Baltimore Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas (#19) outside the stadium where the Ravens now play. Ironically, Unitas got his NFL start in Pittsburgh, where he was cut by the Steelers in the 1950s. Like another Steeler cast-off QB, Len Dawson, Johnny "U" went on to have a Hall of Fame Career. Visible on the statue's base are reflections of David and your intrepid photographer
David Rejoices Upon Discovering That The Car Is Still There304 viewsThis is his highly secret parking spot for Ravens games near some warehouse south of the garbage plant. Oh, but hey, it's right across the street from the stadium. ("Right across the street" usually means a mile or so.) Actually, all the other cars that were parked by the highly secret warehouse had been stolen by this time, but the thieves--not surprisingly--did not want the Taurus. Please note that this is NOT the favored parking spot for night games.
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