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Jeff and Andrea (Cornelison) Miller in Austin230 viewsI taught a tutorial at Tel-Ed '97 in Austin, Texas. There, I visited with old UCF friends Jeff and Andrea, who had moved to Austin.
Andrea Cornelison and Me276 viewsI had dinner with Jeff and Andrea. This was taken after dinner (and wine).
Charlie Hughes at the PSU Citrus Bowl Tailgate 1997156 viewsWe were all still sober at that point.
Sean Hughes and Carol Hughes at the 1997 PSU Citrus Bowl Tailgate148 viewsStill sober, too.
Charlie Hughes' 40th Birthday Party (ca. 1983)319 viewsTaken at the Olympia Restaurant on East Colonial Drive, Orlando. Participants (mostly not sober): standing, left to right, are David Oltman, Joe Kinsley, Kate Kinsley, Ben Goldfarb, Reza Jannat-Pour, Mahesh Dodani, Masoud Milani, Clay Johnson, and Bruce Riner; seated, clockwise from lower left, are Sam Giambarbree, Randy Hendry, Britt Pfann, Charlie Hughes (birthday boy), Carol Hughes, Vida Ghodssi, and Farahngiz Arefi (wife of Masoud Milani). Note the hairiness of the period--except for Reza.
My French Postcard205 viewsThis is just a collection of pictures I took in France in 1990 or thereabouts. I had traveled there with my girlfriend to attend the wedding of an old schoolmate of hers. Clockwise from top left: Nighttime in Aix-en-Provence, Inspired! (at Les Baux), Babes at La Pont du Gard, Me exiting a sex shop in Grenoble, and a church in the French Alps (Chamonix).
Ballroom Dancing271 viewsThe late Jim Driscoll dances with his partner in full dress regalia.
Eating Cake at My UCF Going-Away Party265 viewsClearly, I had had too much coffee at that point, because this was a non-alcoholic party. The beautiful lady standing next to me is Denise Tjong. In the background is David Workman. (May 1996)
Group Shot at My UCF Going Away Party195 viewsThe faces are too blurry to positively identify, but I seem to be unveiling some sort of gift. (May 1996)
Solemn Faces at My UCF Going Away Party213 viewsFrom left to right, obviously not happy their picture is being taken, are Bill Allen, Don Harper, Ron Dutton, and Terry Frederick. (May 1996)
Texas State Capitol251 viewsI shot this on a rainy night in Austin, then stylized it in Photoshop. (I did that because the original picture was unsharp due to hand-holding the camera at night in a taxi cab.) Pretty cool, eh? I was in Austin for the Tel-Ed Multimedia conference in 1997.
My Trusty Steed315 viewsI had driven this 1984 Nissan 300ZX Turbo for eight years as of 1992. I amassed 108,000 miles. It ran well, and I was happy with it. Then, along came the big hail storm (see three following pictures for the gory details).
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