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water hikes 2003 - 13.jpg
Not Wet, But Cold95 viewsIt was rather chilly that day at Canaveral National Seashore. The sabal palm behind me did not provide much shelter from the chilly wind. I had recently recovered from pneumonia, so I guess I was chillier than Catherine, who seemed to enjoy my shivering.
water hikes 2003 - 14.jpg
Three Weeks After the Famous Water Hike111 viewsHere I stand with Dick Taylor, at the same spot where I stood with David in the picture taken three weeks earlier. (See elsewhere in this album.) Everything had dried out. You could even see the trail, at Dick's right.
water hikes 2003 - 15.jpg
Argiope aurantia108 viewsSometimes known as the Yellow Garden Spider, this big girl was hoping to catch a nice bug meal, so she could get even bigger!
water hikes 2003 - 16.jpg
Banks of the Econ146 viewsThis is I, sitting on a sand bar by the Econolockhatchee River, one of my favorite scenic Central Florida rivers, and the one that overflowed its banks to give us the opportunity to partake in the adventure of the Famous Water Hike of 2003!
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