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A Rope Swing201 viewsThis was associated with an interesting so-called multi-cache called "Uuh, Seriously Dude!" It wasn't necessary to actually use the swing to get to the stage of the cache that was located nearby, fortunately for me.
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Little Waterfall between Cypress Trees468 viewsRiverside Park in Oviedo. Cute, and there's a geocache nearby, but I didn't feel like wading across the Little Econ River to get to it!
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The Dike at Lake Jessup425 viewsHere, R.D. and Cosmo fool around looking for another geocache. There are several in the Lake Jessup Park and many more in the surrounding area. But, heed this warning: use waterproof boots!
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Break in the Dike151 viewsAt Lake Jessup Park, the dike was originally built by cattlemen in the 1950s to keep the lake from flooding their pastures. The dike now serves dual duty as a hiking trail along part of the north side of the lake.
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Fern Covered Oaks at Kratzert182 viewsKratzert Preservation Area is run by the St. Johns Water Management District. There used to be a geocache there, but it has succumbed to vandalism. The oaks pictured here are covered by resurrection ferns, appropriately named becaus during dry spells they look brown and dead, but after a rain, they almost instantly become a bright green. At Kratzert, the fern covered oak forest is particularly beautiful after a rain.
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Cosmo Living Dangerously137 viewsThe Econolockhatchee River is certainly alligator infested. We've seen several very large ones both lounging on the sandy banks and diving in for a swim. Cosmo here is oblvious to the danger posed by the possibility that a hungry gator might be somewhere close by. It was a hot day and that dip and a drink seemed worth it. No gators were spotted and Cosmo was glad.
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Bovine Rogues Gallery114 viewsThe big guys were watching us as the ladies and kids grazed in the pasture beyond (except for the two that stayed with the bulls). We stayed out of horn range. This cow pasture journey was in conjunction with a geocache called "Tiptoe through the Cow Pies." The area is another large St. John's Water Management District preserve called Seminole Ranch.
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Cosmo Takes Aim179 viewsIn the middle of a large cow pasture stood one single bush. Cosmo decided that he would show it who's boss.
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Playful Calf Investigates Cosmo142 viewsThis calf came bounding over to see what the strange looking animal called Cosmo was. After checking out the non-appreciative Cosmo, who didn't want to put up with any bull, we went on our way. A couple of hours later, we passed through this same pasture and the same calf came charging back across the field to meet his new friend Cosmo, who once again was disinterested.
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An Actual Geocache166 viewsThis is what some of them look like. Old military surplus ammo boxes make nice, sturdy, watertight geocache containers. This one happens to be one of mine, the Geezer's Geek-O-Rama, hidden in the northern reaches of Wekiwa Springs State Park.
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Cosmo Eats a Cache165 viewsOne of the jobs of a GeoMutt is to be a bomb-sniffer. Cosmo is responsible for checking each geocache we find for possible explosives. He is also a drug sniffer, but unfortunately, he hasn't yet located any.
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Wood Ducks156 viewsSometimes, the scenery on the way to a geocache makes it worth one's while to linger. These wood ducks were enjoying the shade at Fort Christmas Park.
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