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Groff170 viewsAnother shot of Major General Robert Kearny Groff, who
was purported to have been named after a military installation.
Heilman155 viewsThe late Ken "Maynard" Heilman, the anchor of our floor. He was a senior and a voice of stability and
wisdom. Pictured behind him are his girlfriend Delia and the November 1964 Playmate of the
Month (I think). The pipe adds a distinguished touch in combination with the standard
dorm attire of a t-shirt.
Howry144 viewsIn a very pensive moment, Jim Howry contemplates his balls.
Jones135 viewsThis, alas, is the best picture I have of Ralph Jones, a trombonist who does a
helluva vocal rendition of Hoagy Carmichael's "Stardust."
Krause127 views"Jake" Krause. Here again, I forget Jake's real name, because we
always used to call him Jake. I think maybe it was Vernon. (So
why the hell didn't we call him "Vern"?)
Kubany173 viewsWalt Kubany, of Pershing Rifles fame. Walt frequently could be
seen spit-shining his shoes or polishing his helmet. The rest
of us frequently polished our helmets, too, but we usually did it in private.
Les's Sub160 viewsWe take a brief departure from the people of Crawford House to show you what kind of crap we relied
upon for subsistence back then. This is called a Les's Sub. It is composed of a stale piece of bread
in which some sort of processed, sliced meat by-products are conjoined with the contents
of the PSU dining halls' discarded produce bins and drizzled with Marfak motor oil. But, what the hell.
They delivered! Even in the snow! Les's went out of business shortly after I left Penn State.
Levitt123 viewsThis guy's name is Levitt and his roommate's name was Foster.
I forget their first names. Let me guess. Steve Levitt and Bob Foster?
Lindenmuth193 viewsThe irascible Randall Lindenmuth relaxing on the very comfortable beds that were issued to
us by Housing. Those bedspreads were very colorful and felt like they were made of some
sort of sandpaper. I wonder if they're still in service today, 40 years later?
McQuade143 viewsBilly McQuade. Bill took a lot of heat from the rest of us because
he had strong religious principles and the rest of us were pretending
to be hedonistic heathens.
Moon186 viewsAn unidentified "moon" shot. I've long forgotten whose ass this
was, but if anybody can help me identify it, please send email to
Parking Lot147 viewsThe parking lot behind East Hall E and F. Note the state of the art automotive machinery.
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