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Asnis298 viewsMyron Asnis from West Orange, NJ.
Bergel + Blonde293 viewsLooking like a cross between Milton Berle and Soupy Sales, Bergel pleads with me
to take no more pictures because she's horny and he's going to score and someday,
like maybe 40 years later, his wife will see the picture and get totally pissed off!
Bergel258 viewsDr. Steve Bergel studying his ass off, making a good show of it.
Bieler321 viewsYeah, right! Bieler wishes to declare that Penn State is
Number One, I think. Wrong finger, Bill.
Williams169 viewsThe late Clinton B. Williams, Esq., who was Mr. Bombastic back then--
and probably still is (wherever he may roam)! Note that the sign on the desk lamp with
a cantilevered pencil says "Pat. Pending, C.B.W." We had no
idea what the hell this peculiar invention was back then, and we still
have no idea.
Crouthamel156 viewsRichard Crouthamel, who left at mid-year to be closer
to his girlfriend, Eva Braun, Jr
Curzi211 views"Chup" Curzi. Everybody always used to call him Chup, so I've
forgotten his real name. Hey, give me a break! It's been 40 years!
Feinstein160 viewsMy roommate, Rich Feinstein, pumping up. I never saw Rich on weekends. I think it had
something to do with the centerfold pictures hanging on the wall, but I'm not sure.
Feinstein Flinging167 viewsAn action shot of Feinstein flinging a booger in the general direction of the single,
all-purpose wastebasket we were issued by the nice people in Housing.
Spring Week302 viewsEvery year at Penn State, there was Spring Week, a carnival atmosphere replete with skits,
babes, and controlled substances. In this shot, we view two typical students dressed in period
bathing attire and engaging in verbal foreplay under the simulated Florida sun. But what I want
to know, Honey, is how you got that big bruise on your upper thigh!
Godla221 viewsThe half-lidded (and half-lit?) Ron Godla, who liked the Beach Boys,
tennis, weight lifting, and, of course, Heineken.
Groff + Future Wife Joan196 viewsRobert Kearny Groff and girlfriend share a laugh while Bob gets a noogie from an unknown assailant.
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