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Mama, Joel, and I at Atlantic City291 viewsThis had to be around 1953, I believe. This was our first and last out-of-town vacation together as a family. Thus, this was my only construction experience building sand castles. Note the killer Ray-Bans all around.
Before I Shaved the Beard at Age One253 viewsOK, OK, it's a fake. But when I was observing my search engine referrals, I noticed that somebody had used the search term "hairy baby picture." I surmised that they were looking for this, which had been on my site in 1996 or so. (How's that for ego?
Ben at Four Months Old193 viewsAt the tender age of four months, I was doing it froggy style, already flexing for my total hip replacement surgery, which was to occur 54 years hence. (circa 1947)
Ben with Apple602 viewsShown here at age one contemplating an apple given to me by a wise-ass photographer, you can see that my head was gigantic even back then.
Ben with Big Dog and Small Dog345 viewsAlong with my brother (the smaller one), we tortured that poor dog, Bardo, who endured it stoically. Circa 1950.
Cowboy Benny219 viewsThis photo of the 3-1/2 year-old cowboy was taken in 1950, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Some schmuck with a pony, some kiddie cowboy outfits, and a camera came through the neighborhood pandering his services. This particular location was known as "down around the corner." Bring on them damn Apaches! Photo taken close to the Hi-View Drug Store.
Baby Ben in Crib196 viewsYes, my head was gigantic even at a few weeks old. (Why is it that as we age late in life, we begin to look more and more like we did when we first popped out? I need to know.) As an infant I was easily amused. They gave me those hanging dolls, which provided endless hours of entertainment. The only thing was that it was the most tiring damn thing. They put those damn things just out of the reach of my short little arms, so after about 20 minutes of attempting to rescue the little bastards from the hangman I fell saleep.
In da Snow191 viewsIn 1950, there was this big old hairy humongous snowstorm in Pittsburgh, Dressed for action, I stood in the driveway of our house at 1037 King Avenue, waiting for somebody to hand me a snow shovel. In the background, the house of Mr. Thomas, the barber, can be seen. Later, it was not visible from this spot because a spite fence was erected by my father, Irvin the Terrible. Mr. Trellis and his wife, Mina, son Emil, and daughter Joyce (?) lived on the other side, but you can't see their house from here.
Monkey Boy168 viewsSame driveway as the snowsuit kid, but about four years later changes can be seen. The stockade-style spite fence was erected between the driveway and the Thomas residence and a new car has appeared: my mother's state-of-the-art 1953 Studebaker Champion coupe, which we should have kept because it is now a classic. The color scheme was cream over turquoise, which was a popular, sporty choice in that era. I might have been eight years old in this picture, but I appeared to have regressed to infancy.
Spy Child176 viewsDressed to kill, here we see Agent 006 and his partner 001-1/2 in their spiffy secret agent trench coats. The smaller of the two is my brother Joel, who was then known as "Butchy." Note the size of my head. It is large. Very large.
Me on Grandpa's Antique Tricycle199 viewsTaken behind Grandpa's garage in 1951, Altoona, Pennsylvania.
Cycle Gang190 viewsLoitering on the sidewalk out front with the old man's maroon 1949 Packard Clipper behind us. That's me in front and my brother Joel behind, in coordinated, Goldfarb plaid, wool jackets. Behind my head is the house of a guy we called "Boozer." On his corner is the street sign defining the corner of King Avenue and Hampton Street. The shadow in the foreground is Mama. Someone told her that you had to have the sun over your shoulder to take a picture, and so every picture she ever took has her shadow in it.
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