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A Regular GPS Unit Isn't Good Enough139 viewsNo, I had to have the laptop computer along to handle GPS display and voice instruction duties.
Sunset through a Dirty Windshield85 viewsJenny captured this pretty mountain sunset through mah cruddy car winnder. (Note Appalachian dialect employed in last sintins.)
Blowing Rock Public Library101 viewsJenny poses next to a bronze girl on our first night in Blowing Rock (pronounced BLOWNrock by the natives). We were searching for a multi-cache when we came across little Ellie Mae.
Waitress at Pub93 viewsThe only thing open on our first night at the hour we chose to dine was a pub. Here is a waitress picture from the pub. Later, we determined empirically that Blowing Rock is not a great spot for nightlife. Everything except for two bars, a convenience store, and an ice cream parlor closes at 9 PM--even on weekends!
Me, Crapper Egress, Wiseman's View105 viewsWiseman's View is a great area to view the Linville Gorge. But first, I had to take care of business.
Jenny on da Rocks at Wiseman's View114 viewsPeering into the Linville Gorge, with the Linville River at its bottom.
Linville Gorge a la Jenny116 viewsIt was a hazy, cloudy day. I've been here on better days but not with better company.
Speaking of Good Company168 viewsYeah, it's me at the Linville Gorge.
Upper Falls, Linville Falls104 viewsJenny strolls over some rocks to view the falls. The sign says "Please Stay Behind Wall", but it is, of course, ignored by the multinational visitors who made a Saturday at Linville Falls seem like a summer day at Disney World.
Ben & Jen at the Upper Falls157 viewsTaken by an unidentified lady. Note presence of Indians behind the fence.
Jenny is Stumped!108 viewsGood thing I didn't snap a picture of her trying to get her ass out of there!
Peering into Linville Gorge100 viewsFrom a rock solid perch across from Linville Falls, Jenny views the gorge.
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