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Desert Inn - Yeehaw Junction, Florida259 viewsThis place, believe it or not, is on the national registry of historic places. It used to be a place to get watered, fed, and laid on the cattle drives that used to take place in the Kissimmee River valley.
The Desert Inn Historical Marker90 views
Jenny at the site of a Geocaching failure93 viewsThe picnic chickee at the Desert Inn
Fine Rest Room Facility at the Desert Inn82 views
Wall Art at the Desert Inn248 views
Beware of the Resident Rooster108 views
DuPuis, finally169 viewsWe hiked through lots of areas like this, about 2.5 miles, to get to our campsite.
Our Camping Area174 viewsHere you see the fire ring and dining area in the foreground, and Ben's new tent and Jenny's bag lady cart in the background.
Always a Comedian, Jenny Captures Me Watering the Palmettos154 views
Backpacker's TV376 viewsCampfires have been likened to TV for backpackers because we sit there and stare at them for hours. Here I am pictured changing the channel.
Blowing Rocks Preserve134 viewsWe took a side trip to Blowing Rocks Preserve, a Nature Conservancy project named for the limestone rock formation through which waves come crashing, sending water from the Atlantic Ocean up to 50' in the air. Alas, on our day, the rocks were not blowing.
Ben and the Anastasia Formation129 views
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