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Jenny by the Apalachicola River268 viewsOn the way from Marianna down to St. George Island, we stopped a couple of times for some Geocaches. One stop led us here, to this spot on the mighty Apalachicola.
Bennifer by the Apalachicola River230 views
We Discover the Florida Trail200 viewsThis seldom-used segment runs through the Apalachicola National Forest.
Geocaching in the Apalachicola National Forest208 viewsThis is #289 in the Baleful Glance series.
Ben Happily Caching in the Apalachicola National Forest201 viewsBen is smiling because Jen is doing all the work, as usual.
We Arrive at St. George Island State Park312 viewsThe obligatory self-timer shot of Jen and Ben at the entrance sign sucked, so here you see just Jen.
After Unloading the Jeep Onto Our Backs, We Set Out for Camp299 viewsIt was about a 2.5 mile hike with fully loaded packs over very fine sugar sand. Jenny is seen here looking at me groaning under the weight of a 198 lb backpack with firewood strapped onto my ass. She was singing "Beast of Burden" by the Rolling Stones. Anyhow, that 2.5 mile hike seemed a lot longer to THIS beast of burden! We did get there, though, and found that there were two guys camping there as well. We made them a peace offering of our firewood and proceeded to set up tentage in the dark.
A View from Our Campsite in the Morning479 viewsThe mornings would bring low tide, and the bay was very shallow adjacent to where we set up camp.
According to my GPS unit, I was walking on water here.353 views
A View Back to the Camp384 views
A View from the Camp to Me398 viewsPhoto by Jenny
Jenny Sets Out to Do Some Geocaching333 viewsWe would use that 2.5 mile trail many times during our stay. It was our conduit to anywhere.
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