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Obligatory State Park Sign Self-Timer Shot282 viewsThat's me on the left and Jenny on the right. The camera is on a fence post or some such thing.
Jenny Stands before the Gregory House158 viewsAnd I thought Gregory House was just a doctor on TV.
Ben and Jen Observe a Torreya Sapling131 viewsIn this vicinity on the Apalachicola River, Hardy Bryan Croom, pioneer Florida planter and botanist, discovered one of the rarest of coniferous trees, Torreya taxifolia circa 1835, and named it for Dr. John Torrey, prominent American botanixt. Only four other species exist, but they are in the widely separated areas of China, Japan, and California. Croom's promising botanical career ended in 1837 when he perished in the wreck of the steamship "Home" off Cape Hatteras.
A Torreya Tree146 viewsPhoto by Jenny.
I gaze upon the mighty Apalachicola142 views
Rest Stop Action129 viewsJenny thought that I was taking the sign a bit too literally, but I don't get it. I didn't see no hoes.
Rest Stop Geocaching Hiding Spot127 viewsOr is it? This, in fact, was my 100th Geocaching DNF!
Coldest Night of the Year131 viewsJenny recorded my Jeep's outside thermometer at about 8 PM. It was destined to get a whole lot colder before the night was over. The forecast low that night was anywhere between 10 and 14 degrees Fahrenheit. THIS is Florida, already? Oy!
Obligatory Waitress Photo162 viewsAfter checking out the park, we went to the motel, checked in, attempted a night cache, and then went to dinner. Jenny is always telling me about how she takes her kids to Ruby Tuesday because it is the only place to go. I guess I took that literally, because I decided that Ruby Tuesday was the only place to go, albeit in Marianna. This is Mary, our waitress. Mary, as it turns out, is a big political volunteer worker on the side.
Jenny in the Morning136 viewsBaleful glance engaged at Po' Folks restaurant, our chosen breakfast spot.
Back at the Park, Here's Jenny at the Stone Bridge157 viewsWe decided to do the Torreya Challenge, which is a 5.8 mile loop hike over hilly terrain (unlike most of Florida). We had to walk another 1.7 miles or thereabouts to get to or from the Challenge hike from where we parked the car. This stone bridge is found about a half-mile from the picnic area at which we parked the Jeep.
Ben Photographs the Stone Bridge.138 views
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