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The Mighty Cosmo54 viewsFor a dog, he's quite a pussy.
My Pink Face54 viewsHow about that hat of mine? If anything can keep the sun off my face (and keep it from pinking up), that hat should be able to do the damn job. Photo by RD.
RD and Don Arrive at the Sinkhole Relaxation Spot47 viewsBut where was Cosmo?
Cosmo Balked49 viewsThe great Cosgrove was a crybaby wimp, looking at us from topside and whining. No matter how hard we tried, Cosmo would not descend.
RD Does His Sinkhole Pose48 viewsIt was just a beautiful day for hanging out in a sinkhole. Look at dat sky!
Cosmo Takes a Drink69 viewsWell, Witherington Spring provides a nice little stream with cute little fishes and it is nice, clear water, BUT only Cosgrove could turn such an idyllic setting into a friggin' mudbath! He picked the part of the stream with the blackest, muddiest bottom and emerged with four black legs. THIS would need to get into my Jeep later. Photo by RD.
Don Contemplates a Fish69 viewsI think it was the same fish, Bruce, that he contemplated the last time we stood on this bridge. Photo by RD.
Witherington Run76 viewsSee? I told you it was pristine until Cosmo mucked it up! Photo by RD.
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