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Linville Gorge - North Carolina


In June 2002, I visited Linville Falls, North Carolina with some rock climbing friends. I'm not a rock climber, but I was there to enjoy some hiking in the mountains while the crag climbers did their thing. I liked the Linville Gorge area so much that I made an excuse to return to North Carolina less than two weeks later.

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Stone Mountain State Park - North Carolina


A granite dome--Stone Mountain--dominates this beautiful state park in west central North Carolina. I visited and climbed Stone Mountain in July 2002. Here are some photographic impressions of Stone Mountain State Park.

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Chimney Rock and Mt. Mitchell


In August 2002, Cousin Paula and I converged on western North Carolina for a little mountain hiking. Photographs here are of Chimney Rock and Mount Mitchell State Parks. We also visited the Biltmore Estate, but there are no pictures of that part of the weekend here.

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Random files - North Carolina 2002
Tight Squeeze155 viewsThe Linville River makes a tight squeeze between some well worn rocks before plunging over the lower Linville Falls.
Rapids on Linville River130 viewsThe rapids downstream of the Upper Linville Falls.
Linville Falls118 viewsOn the way to Erwin's View, Linville Falls, N.C.
Sign Might Be Too Small to Read, Damnit!127 viewsThe sign might be too small to read, so I'll read it to you! "The falls were once 12 miles from here, at the outer slope of the mountain. The river plunged over the hard rock layer on top and cut into softer beds below. As bits of the undermined lip broke
Wiseman's View179 viewsWildflowers at Wiseman's View.
152 viewsA portion of the Little Table Rock trail wends its way down the mountain.
Table Rock View186 viewsA view from the summit of Table Rock. The rock formations in this area of North Carolina make it a veritable Mecca for rock climbers from around the world.
Life at the Top200 viewsI parked myself atop Table Rock for an hour and a half. The view and the serenity kept me there. It was just I and the bumblebees buzzing around the laurels for the longest time. When I heard raucous hordes ascending the mountain, I packed my stuff.

Last additions - North Carolina 2002
Paula at the Top258 viewsSee the sign!Jul 18, 2004
The Steps to the Mt. Mitchell Summit253 viewsThe tower at the top affords a view beyond compare.Jul 18, 2004
235 viewsJul 18, 2004
I am High179 viewsAs you can see, I was not alone in trampling the grass around the sign.Jul 18, 2004
Paula is High191 viewsShe stands about 100 feet below the highest point in the eastern United States.Jul 18, 2004
Paula on the Deep Gap Trail236 viewsWe were in and out of clouds between Mt. Mitchell and Mt. Craig.Jul 18, 2004
Mt. Craig and Big Tom Mountain200 viewsPhoto taken at the Mt. Mitchell summit.Jul 18, 2004
View toward Lake Lure from Chimney Rock217 viewsJul 18, 2004