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Palm Canyon - Anza Borrego Desert


Another place I visited on my December 2001 vacation was the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, west of San Diego, California. This park encompasses a huge desert area. One particular part of the desert that intrigued me is called Palm Canyon. This is a palm oasis in the midst of a very stark low desert. I walked about a mile and a half over rocky, barren desert terrain. Then, suddenly, the scenery changed to almost a tropical paradise: palm trees, falling water, and blessed shade! On the way back, a storm rolled in over the mountains, which enabled me to get a shot of a rather interesting sky over the desert. While I did not manage to spot any of the bighorn sheep that live in the hills surrounding this desert, I was able to get some nice photos to remember this place by.

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Rhyolite, Nevada


I had been to Rhyolite a year earlier (pre hip surgery). This is a ghost town a couple of hours from Las Vegas that died when it became too expensive to mine gold. At one time, in the early 20th century, it was the third largest city in Nevada. A group of artists from Belgium come to Rhyolite every year to create desert sculptures. You'll find some pictures of their work here, along with photos of the famous bottle house (a house made from beer bottles and mortar), and other pictures of Rhyolite.

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Titus Canyon and Death Valley California


Driving west from Rhyolite, Nevada, one quickly encounters the California state line. Death Valley is just beyond. Off the main road is a one-lane/one-way dirt road that ascends the mountains and then descends to Titus Canyon and Death Valley. With my rented SUV, I took this interesting detour.

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Random files - California-Nevada Dec. 2001
Rusting Hulk of an Ancient Car106 viewsLeadfield attracted people from more civilized areas. Some brought cars, and some cars died along with the town.
Other Leadfield Structures127 viewsCorrugated metal seemed to be the favored construction material of the time.
Leadfield Structures123 viewsThe dry desert air preserves these remnants.
Titus Canyon129 viewsThe desert, the mountains, the vastness. It is all good, as "they" say.
Another View of the Schoolhouse79 views

Last additions - California-Nevada Dec. 2001
Birdies169 viewsThese are unique to the area.May 19, 2004
Silhouette of the Famous Bank Building137 viewsMay 19, 2004
Abandoned Truck139 viewsMay 19, 2004
Old Shed158 viewsMay 19, 2004
Not Much Is Left of What Was Once a Thriving Town154 viewsMay 19, 2004
The Abandoned Schoolhouse165 viewsThe roof was actually removed from this building to be used on a building in the next town.May 19, 2004
House Adjacent to Bottle House170 viewsMay 19, 2004
Close-up of Wall Construction in Bottle House212 viewsIf you look closely, you can see the "AB" initials on one of the beer bottles. This stood for August Busch, one of the founders of what is now Anheuser Busch.May 19, 2004