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Cachin' by the St. Johns River (Updated)


On a nice, cool January day, friend R.D. and I decided to waste some time hiking and geocaching. A week later, I did it again, this time with another Bob. These areas, run by the St. Johns Water Management District, have some varied scenery and they're great places to hike. Additional pictures added on 1-25.

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Little Big Econ - December 2006


Neighbor Don just got a Magellan hand-held GPS unit, so we conducted a training mission in the Little Big Econ State Forest, which is laden with geocaches. Don was accompanied by two veterans of the forest, Jenny and me, so he was bound to get into trouble.

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Wekiwa Springs State Park - December 2006


On a beautiful day in December, I grabbed friends Don and Jenny for a little 10.5 mile walk in the park. I acquainted them both with areas of the park they had not seen heretofore. The feature of the tour was the white trail, which passes close by three sinkholes on the western side of the park.

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Withlacoochee State Forest - December 2006


A great, cool, December Central Florida morning for a hike along the Withlacoochee River in the Withlacoochee State Forest, already! Jennie, Don, Bob and I were doing our best imitation of the Fakawi Indian tribe as we located 32 geocaches along the trail in a hike of somewhat more than 9 miles.

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Seminole State Forest - November 2006


A little exercise hike (which turned out to be 12.2 miles) in Seminole State Forest with human friends Jenny, Don, and R.D, as well as canine friend Cosmo. We headed out for the Kerberos geocache, found it and then proceeded to complete the Lower Wekiva Loop, with assorted aches and pains. We added a side-trip to Blackwater Creek for lunch and R&R. A fine time was had by all.

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Random files - Hiking and Geocaching Photos
Coral Bean Plant143 views
water hikes 2003 - 05.jpg
Halfway Point177 viewsWe're at the location of the old railroad bridge across the Econolockhatchee River. This was a fairly tame location, even though the water was up to our knees. About 500 feet from where this picture was taken, I almost drowned. The current was rapid and the water was over our heads. Thanks to the survival training of Catherine, I got to survive this one.
Jon Tempts Cosmo with a Cookie92 viewsEverybody watches the show.
One Last Picture for Cosmo to Get Into217 viewsWhile moochie extricates herself from the crater left behind by the vacated roots, Cosmo looks on with great concern. He was thinking "where's the food?"
Poison Ivy83 viewsNo set of hiking pictures I take would ever be complete without paying some attention to our favorite toxic forest vegetation.
Orange Tree next to a Large, Uprooted Tree103 viewsThe large tree succumbed to the 2004 hurricanes, but the orange tree, well adapted to subtropical windstorms, remained viable.
Prickly Pear in Bloom (Opuntia humifusa)70 viewsAnd from this yellow flower, a pear will come.
Don and Jenny look at a vast profusion of I dunno plants60 viewsThey were dried and seedy, but there were acres and acres of the mystery plant amidst sparse longleaf pines and wiregrass in this sandhill environment. If we had seen them when they were flowering, we might have figured it out. But someone out there knows, so please enlighten us.

Last additions - Hiking and Geocaching Photos
Jenny Holds Don by the Feet Whilst He Searches147 viewsJenny is very strong and she easily one-handed Don like a pet monkey.Dec 18, 2006
Don Gets High146 viewsI sent him on a wild goose chase up a couple of poles before he hit paydirt at the higher elevationsDec 18, 2006
Jenny gives Don "tough love" as he completes his first day of GeoBootCamp120 viewsHe found the cache with a little bit of, um, guidance and direction. All directions!Dec 18, 2006
Cow #4199 viewsDon't ask. I don't know.Dec 18, 2006
Examining the Wrong Place Due to Magellan Overshoot112 viewsDec 18, 2006
Full of burrs and taking a different tack132 viewsAfter bushwhacking through burr-laden Caesarweed long enough, Don finally decided that the cache was not there. He is learning about Magellan Hysteresis, better known as Magellan Overshoot.Dec 18, 2006
Back in the Caesarweeds Again114 viewsDon could not seem to avoid them.Dec 18, 2006
"I'm not going to go down there unless I have to!"128 viewsResponse from Jenny: "You don't have to."Dec 18, 2006