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Campfire Cache Event


It was an amazing weekend for an amazing geocaching event. The weather was perfect and the Seminole State Forest was a fitting venue. Many Central Florida geocachers of all ages set aside some weekend time for the event and they were not disappointed. Whether they camped with us for both nights of just spent a few hours, everybody had an enjoyable time.

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Lake George - June 2006


One more day of hiking this week to catch up. I'm all caught up now. Lake George is the second largest lake in Florida, after Lake Okeechobee. Surrounding Lake George is the Lake George Wildlife Management Area and the Lake George State Forest. There's a lot of nice scenery.

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Campfire Cache Event Workdays


The Campfire Cache Event is the brainchild of Jon Koppenhofer. These are pictures taken in the Seminole State Forest during a couple of work days leading up to the event.

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Tiger Bay State Forest - June 2006


I needed this state forest for my Trailwalker badge (which is kind of like playing Boy Scout all over again), so I had a couple of hours to prance around, which is what I did. The Buncombe Hill trail is just a two mile loop. Here are some of the sights along the trail.

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Grossman Visit - December 2005


With his alma mater, Clemson, in the so-called Champs Sports Bowl, previously and more appealingly known as the Tangerine Bowl, friend David Grossman, who rarely misses a Clemson bowl game, decided to come down for a brief visit and see the game. I attended the game with him. The best thing I can say about the game is that Clemson won, 19-10. However focal the game was, we nevertheless managed to get in a couple of hikes in the wilderness. This sequence of photos serves David's narcissistic needs and gives you a small glimpse of the scenery at Sabal Point Preserve and the Little/Big Econ State Forest, if you can see around David.

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All Geocaching

This album contains pointers to like all geocaching pictures in da gallery.

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Seminole State Forest - June 2006


An eight-mile hike in Seminole State Forest today in the rain was a nice change of pace.

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Lake County Scenery


I finally motivated myself to get out of the house today, to log some miles on my hiking boots. However, by the time I got around to it, there were only a couple of hours of daylight left. That wasn't so bad because some of the best light for photographs exists just before sunset. Here are a few pictures I took in a couple of places in Central Florida, mostly Trimble Park.

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Spring Hammock Preserve


I live in a county that believes in preserving as much of the natural Florida as possible. On a nice spring day, I took a hike in the Spring Hammock Preserve on the shore of Lake Jessup. Spring Hammock is a place of tall bald cypress, black, gooey mud, and flora, fauna, and insectivora.

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Wekiwa Springs State Park - March 2006


Wekiwa Springs State Park is four miles from my house. With such a wonderful natural resource close by, I visit often. On this visit, the day before the first day of spring, the weather was perfect. I took advantage of it with a ten-and-a-half mile hike through all the diverse Florida ecosystems in the park.

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Sabal Point Wildlife Preserve


On a perfect November morning, I took a walk in the Sabal Point Wildlife Refuge, a cypress swamp that had been logged in the early 20th Century, but was later set aside as a nature preserve managed by the Audubon Society. It occupies a triangle-shaped area between the Wekiva and Little Wekiva Rivers in Central Florida.

In Florida, the closest thing we have to fall foliage is the poison ivy leaves changing colors. In the interest of finding beauty in things that others detest, I am including a lot of poison ivy pictures. I hope that it will enable at least some of you folks will discover a new source of natural beauty.

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Hillsborough River State Park - March 2006


My friend Dave from the D.C. area was in Clearwater for the weekend. His wife, Catherine, had given him a new pair of hiking boots for his birthday, which some might view as a symbolic statement that Dave should take a hike. Anyway, to try out his boots, we decided on spending a day at Hillsborough River State Park, which has some decent hiking trails, some beautiful scenery, and a few geocaches, too.

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My Jeep Got Stuck67 viewsIn the Heart Island Conservation Area.

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