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Geocaching 2004

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The sport of geocaching involves using a handheld GPS device to locate hidden caches at locations determined by reading information at the Geocaching web site. Friend R.D. and I like to combine the task of finding caches with getting some fresh air and putting some mileage on our hiking boots. Frequently, supergeodog Cosmo comes along to harass whatever domestic and wild animals we meet along the way. So far, he hasn't been eaten by an alligator.

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Seminole State Forest 5-7-04


On May 7, 2004, Mike Geldner, Finley "Dick" Taylor, and I hiked from the south end of the Seminole State Forest to the north end, using the Florida National Scenic Trail. These are the pictures.

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Wekiwa Springs State Park


About four miles from my house is a wonderful Florida state park called Wekiwa Springs. It has something for everyone: a constant temperature spring for swimming, 13 miles of hiking trails, an eight mile equestrian trail, and some of the prettiest canoeing in Florida on Rock Springs Run and the Wekiva River. Join me for a look at the park and its denizens.

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Famous Water Hikes 2003

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On New Year's Eve 2003, the skies opened up around Orlando. Four inches of rain were recorded in the drier spots. It followed, then, that the hiking trails would be a bit wet two days later, but we didn't anticipate the true extent of the wetness until we got there. The water was waist deep in a lot of places and over our heads in others. These are photos from what has been the Famous Water Hike, among others.

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Bulow Plantation and Forest 2002


In the 1830s it was a thriving sugar plantation. However, it was sacked by the Seminoles in the Second Seminole War. The ruins of the sugar mill, which was built of sturdy coquina stone, are all that remain today. The main plantation house was wooden, and it did not survive the fire. In the woods surrounding the plantation site, the Florida Trail Association has created a scenic trail through hardwood hammocks and pine woods. Please take a look at my photos of the ruins and of the trail.

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Econolockhatchee River (Little Big Econ State Forest)


I'm doing a lot of walking in the woods these days. Not far from my house is the Little/Big Econ State Forest. From the trail head near Barr Street off State Road 426 in Oviedo, Florida, you can pick up a segment of the Florida National Scenic Trail. The Econolockhatchee River, its tannin stained shores, and its undeveloped environment are the attractions here. Who needs theme parks? Take a look at this nice stretch of wilderness.

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Cachin' in the Canaveral Marshes


The sun was shining, the morning was cool and bug-free, and the geocacher named moochie (Deb) set out with me to find a bunch of caches that were on her list. I was appointed as overrover's surrogate for the day. We wound up spending the day hiking to one cache on a day that would include the Splendor in the Grass Bushwhack and The Great Canaveral Cattle Stampede. This area is so remote that not long after we did our hike, another hiker had to be rescued via helicopter. (Actually, it is not that remote, but getting a helicopter in there is a helluva lot easier than hacking through all that tall grass.)

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Disney Preserve 2000


I grabbed my camera and took a hike in the Disney Wilderness Preserve. Owned and managed by The Nature Conservancy, the Disney Wilderness Preserve is a 12,000-acre area managed to allow natural processes to occur at their own pace--a "hands-off" approach. Take a look at some of the "stuff" I found there.

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Cachin' in the Ocala National Forest


Pressed into service as an emergency surrogate for the legendary hiddenrock (for geocaching only), I joined the equally legendary overrover for a hike on the Ocala National Forest in the interest of a little Saturday afternoon geocaching diversion. A bit of research showed that there was a cache up in the Juniper Springs Recreation Area that had been sitting there unfound for a couple of weeks. Our mission was to bag First to Find honors for that cache. An eight mile hike with some dead ends and detours yielded paydirt. We got there first and had a fun afternoon in the forest, besides.

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Muir Woods 1997?


Everyone who visits the San Francisco Bay Area should take a peaceful walk in this wonderful redwood forest. You might even encounter the famous Dick Tree. Back, by popular demand! See A Walk in Muir Woods!

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Wekiwa Springs Park Redux


Friend RD, his dog, Cosmo, and I wanted to do some primitive camping, doing the whole backpacking number, etc. With Wekiwa Springs Park being close by, it was a natural. Only thing was, a couple of monkey wrenches got thrown into the works. First, the primitive campsite wasn't available when we wanted it; then, they told us that dogs weren't allowed in primitive camps in Florida state parks. They offered us a family campsite instead. Dogs are allowed there. Not exactly a primitive experience, but at least it afforded us the opportunity to get out on the hiking trails early in the morning.

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Cachin' by the Econ River


It was a beautiful winter Sunday in January 2005 as the geocachers known as moochie, bob, zbeard, and me, CondoMax, along with Cosmo the GeoMutt, set out for a geocaching hike in the Little Big Econ State Forest, which is one of my favorite Central Florida scenic areas. On weekdays, the forest is relatively quiet, but on weekends, the gators and wild hogs run for cover as great hordes of hikers, bikers, and equestrians come out to play.

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Random files - Hiking and Geocaching Photos
Capaldo Reconnoiters with NoBlowH396 views
Poison Ivy on a Stump95 viewsActually, poison ivy was EVERYWHERE! I don't think I'd ever seen so much of it in one place. In the fall, it should be very pretty when the leaves change to yellow and red.
Atamasco Lily (Zephyranthes atamasco)53 viewsSpringtime in the park: up north you get daffodils. Here, we get these little lilies. They pop up in onesies and twosies, and sometimes a half-dozen or so appear.
David Poses on the Bridge.61 viewsThe suspension bridge across the river is the pride and joy of Hillsborough River State Park.
Canoe Campers Landed Their Boats64 viewsA kayak and a canoe belonged to a couple of guys who were camping at Big Buck Camp. The waterway is Rock Springs Run, which forms a natural boundary of the north part of the park.
Indian Lake55 views
Cypress "Cemetery"60 viewsLooking for all the world like grotesque tombstones lined up, the cypress knees of this erstwhile swamp await the next inundation. We reluctantly left them there.

Last additions - Hiking and Geocaching Photos
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