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Penn State 1964-1965


These 40 year-old Penn State pictures are probably of interest only to those pictured. That year, we all lived in East Hall E, third floor, which was known as Crawford House. (Floors in the dorms were named after Pennsylvania's counties.) Having languished in a shoe box for all those years, I was quite surprised to find that the 35mm transparencies were in great shape. Well, as great as they could possibly be, in view of the recollection that the photographer was frequently inebriated while pursuing his photographic subjects.

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Ben's Childhood Pictures


Just in case anybody really thinks it is cute to see baby pictures of an old fart like me, here they are! I dug up some old pictures of me from the period 1946 to 1954. Who wants to see them? If you think the 1964 picture of me in my "who am I" page is old, wait until you see these! (And for those of you who come here and bitch to my guest book about all the pictures of me, caught ya looking!)

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Pictures from My Old Web Site


Some of these actually date back to my UCF days. I left there in May 1996, and pictures of my going away party are included here. Having recently found these old pictures, which were buried under layers of dust, I thought it was time to reprise them. I would say that the period involved was 1983 - 1997. Enjoy!

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My First Photo Album


The seminal work: my first photo album, the one that started it all! It consisted of a few pieces of paper torn out of a spiral bound notebook with pictures pasted to them and bound together with string. I was about eight years old at that point--I remember getting my first camera for my eighth birthday. (I've sure as hell taken a lot of pictures in the 50 years since then.) All photos in this album were taken with my $20 Ansco camera.

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Bahamas 1972-1976


From November 1972 to April 1976, I worked for Loew's Hotels first as Assistant Controller, then as Controller of Loew's Paradise Island Hotel & Villas. Here are some pictures of me and my friends and associates in Nassau during that period.

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Pictures of Grandpa Cohn


In response to a request from a possible relative (we're not sure), I'm posting some pictures of my grandfather, Harry L. Cohn of Altoona, Pennsylvania, who is not the Harry Cohn of movie mogul fame. Harry was the second son of Benjamin Cohn, a descendent of the Kavarsky lineage in Russia. Benjamin Cohn founded Independent Oil Company in Pennsylvania, which was eventually sold to what is now Exxon-Mobil. Harry Cohn, born October 19, 1892 married Emma Lydia Marx of Braddock, Pennsylvania in 1918 or 1919. Harry died on December 7, 1961 at the age of 69.

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Random files - Old People Pictures
Lindenmuth161 viewsThe irascible Randall Lindenmuth relaxing on the very comfortable beds that were issued to
us by Housing. Those bedspreads were very colorful and felt like they were made of some
sort of sandpaper. I wonder if they're still in service today, 40 years later?
Kuyper130 viewsWith apologies to Rev. Alan Smiley, this is actually his roommate,
Jim Kyper. (I had originally incorrectly identified this picture.)
Monkey Boy146 viewsSame driveway as the snowsuit kid, but about four years later changes can be seen. The stockade-style spite fence was erected between the driveway and the Thomas residence and a new car has appeared: my mother's state-of-the-art 1953 Studebaker Champion coupe, which we should have kept because it is now a classic. The color scheme was cream over turquoise, which was a popular, sporty choice in that era. I might have been eight years old in this picture, but I appeared to have regressed to infancy.
Before I Shaved the Beard at Age One218 viewsOK, OK, it's a fake. But when I was observing my search engine referrals, I noticed that somebody had used the search term "hairy baby picture." I surmised that they were looking for this, which had been on my site in 1996 or so. (How's that for ego?
Jeff and Andrea (Cornelison) Miller in Austin200 viewsI taught a tutorial at Tel-Ed '97 in Austin, Texas. There, I visited with old UCF friends Jeff and Andrea, who had moved to Austin.
Hail Storm Damage to Front290 viewsA veritable plethora of dents in the 300ZX body from the March 1992 Orlando hail storm. I had been parked in a UCF parking lot. I stayed late at work--big mistake.
On the Train137 viewsHere is a record shot taken in a Pennsylvania Railroad coach car on the way from Pittsburgh to Altoona. From left to right, we have my brother (partially obscured by coach seat in front of him), my mother, and my father. I was behind the lens. I believe this was taken around 1955.
Another Picture of Pinker258 viewsBob always had a bottle of scotch handy. Here, he relaxes while deep sea fishing, moments before catching the head of a wahoo. (A shark swallowed the rest.)

Last additions - Old People Pictures
Joel and I Leave the House for School114 viewsThis would have had to be around 1958 or 1959. Here we are in our school clothes standing on the steps in front of our house at 1207 Beechwood Court in Pittsburgh.Feb 11, 2007
Mama, Joel, and I at Atlantic City211 viewsThis had to be around 1953, I believe. This was our first and last out-of-town vacation together as a family. Thus, this was my only construction experience building sand castles. Note the killer Ray-Bans all around.Feb 11, 2007
My Brother Joel and I with Father and Grandfather111 viewsIn front, that's Joel and I; behind, my father (cigarette in mouth--he eventually died of lung cancer), the late Irvin Goldfarb (1920 - 1999) and his late father Charlie Goldfarb (1889 - 1951). This picture was probably taken in the spring or summer of 1950. Photo taken outside my grandparents' residence at 26th and Maple in Altoona, Pennsylvania.Feb 11, 2007
My Brother Joel and I101 viewsI believe that this was taken in 1961 or 1962.Feb 11, 2007
My Grandparents and I141 viewsEmma and Harry Cohn stand behind me. This photo was taken in 1960. Grandpa died in 1961.Feb 11, 2007
My First Grade Class100 viewsI'm the one with the halo around my head.Feb 11, 2007
Eddie and Me117 viewsMy earliest childhood friend was Eddie Dorfzaun, from down the street on King Avenue. Here, Eddie and I mug for the camera in front of the spite fence built by Daddy Irvin to provide "privacy" from the prying eyes of the Thomases next door. (Like anyone cared, already.) Photo by Mama, but I cropped out the obligatory shadow.Feb 11, 2007
Me and Butchy87 viewsAlthough Butchy had a tricycle of his own, he is seen here hitching a ride on mine. This photo was taken ca. 1950 or 1951, and the shadow of Mama is plainly evident, as it is in all of her pictures, because someone told her that you are supposed to take pictures with the sun shining over your left shoulder.Feb 11, 2007