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Sabal Point Preserve - April 2007


April is usually a pretty warm month, but some Canadian air helped us out, as we hiked about seven miles in the Sabal Point Sanctuary.

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Lower Wekiva Preserve - March 2007


A warm day in March, with high temperature of 86 degrees and clear skies, provided an opportunity for an eight-mile hike in new territory, the Lower Wekiva Preserve northern section. I had hiked in the southern section many times, but had never been in the portion north of the Wekiva River and Blackwater Creek. It turns out to be a very nice, easily hikeable place, replete with excellent horse camping facilities, ants, and ticks.

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Rock Springs Run State Reserve - March 2007


It was the hottest day of the year--87 in the shade--and spring hasn't yet even arrived. Four intrepid warriors set out for what would turn out to be a 10.8 mile hike and some significant bushwhacking. A good time was had by all, and the strenuous bushwhacking made the post-hike beer taste all the better.

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Seminole State Forest - March 2007


A nice, 8+ mile hike on a nice Central Florida day. We hiked, Geocached, and Jenny got Don. Seminole State Forest is one of my favorite hiking venues in the area.

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Doris Leeper Spruce Creek Preserve - March 2007


March 2 is RD's birthday, in this case a momentous one, as by his own admission he has reached an age he never thought he would reach. The group of six went to Doris Leeper Spruce Creek Preserve in Volusia County, Florida for a seven-mile hike and a 60th birthday celebration. Participants were Bonnie, Don, Jennie, Marcos, RD, and me.

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Camping in the Glades III - February 2007


Jenny and I attended the third annual installment of "Camping in the Glades," a GeoEvent at Bear Island in the Big Cypress National Preserve.

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Fakahatchee Strand - February 2007


After attending the Camping in the Everglades III Geocaching event, Jenny and I joined a group of fellow Geocachers for a brief tour of the Fakahatchee Strand Preserve. This is a legendary place, a swamp where treasured orchids, such as the ghost orchid, reside. It is also one of the few places in the United States where royal palms grow naturally. We didn't have much time to explore this massive and beautiful natural area, but these pictures will give you a taste of what is there.

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Wekiwa Springs State Park - February 2007


We were originally going to another place today, but a lot of people couldn't make it. So, we settled on an old standby, Wekiwa Springs State Park, which is four miles from my house. Don, RD, Cosmo and I were the hikers, and it was a cold morning for Central Florida--under 40 when we started. We peeled off clothing layers and by afternoon wound up in t-shirts and shorts. The featured event of the day would be playing in a relatively new sinkhole. All but one of the group descended into the bottomless pit. One stayed behind. In all, it was a fun, 10+ mile hike.

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Little Big Econ - February 2007 (Updated)


Joined by Bonnie, Don, Jenny, and RD, I took a hike on the Flagler Trail up to the Bridge over the Econolockhatchee River, where we had the unexpected pleasure of meeting up with old friend Bob. From the bridge, we hiked back to the Barr Street Trailhead of the Little Big Econ State Forest. It was a perfect, cool day for hiking.

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Lake Proctor - February 2007


What a perfect day! Sunny, high of 76, not a cloud in the sky--great day for a hike. We had a record number of hikers today, too. The venue was Lake Proctor, a Seminole County Wilderness Area.

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St. Francis - January 2007 (Updated)


On a cool January morning--the best kind--Jenny, RD, Cosmo, and I set out for what would amount to a 10.2 mile hike followed by a little Jeepal activity on the forest back roads.

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Lake Woodruff NWR - January 2007


The hiking gang (two geezers and a babe) gathered together once again, this time for a foray into Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge. The predominate wildlife forms we viewed were (in order of population): mosquitoes, gnats, vultures, bunny rabbits, and paddlers. You see, the weather was described as "screwy" by one of the workers who stopped by the parking lot to take a leak.

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Random files - Current Pictures
Not in the Swamp...78 viewsOn the way back, we passed through LaBelle, Florida, county seat of Hendry County. There, they were having a swamp cabbage festival and they were also renovating their county courthouse. From the passenger seat, Jenny grabbed this shot as we passed.
Viewing the Accessorized Gator63 views
Indian Mound Camp on Rock Springs Run43 viewsI dittn't have time to look around for the Native American middens because the sign at the gate said the gate closes promptly at 6 PM and it was already 4 PM when I got here.
Cow Lilies in da River67 views
Mrs Gopher Tortoise ambles away57 viewsShe didn't really care that she had been womanhandled.
Oh Jeez...Strangler Fig Tree at Blowing Rock94 views
Evidence78 views...that saw palmetto berries are the bears' favorite food.
American Crocodile87 viewsThe southern tip of Florida is the northernmost habitat for the rare American Crocodile. Here, one suns himself, while striking a pose for my photojournalistic pleasure.

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We Bid Farewell to the Keys624 viewsThis awning at the Card Sound bridge says it all.Apr 11, 2009
The Snorkling Area by the Reef516 viewsApr 11, 2009
Jenny Amuses a Gift Shop Clerk in the Park550 viewsJuanita was not amused by my photography, though.Apr 11, 2009
Beach at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park467 viewsApr 11, 2009
Yet another closed tower487 viewsApr 11, 2009
Jen and Ben at the Beach503 viewsDoesn't look like beach clothing, but that's because the temps were in the 60s.Apr 11, 2009
Can't get there from here507 viewsApr 11, 2009
Closed Observation Tower access488 viewsApr 11, 2009