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Thanksgiving 2006


The 2006 Thanksgiving feast was hosted by Marc & Jen, their first foray into the family Thanksgiving hosting morass. Aside from the Great Chopped Liver Fiasco of 2006, which was beyond their control, they fared very well. These are pictures of the participants, ranging in age from 2 to 86.

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BMW Performance Center Delivery


BMW North America provides a new car delivery option that is a refreshing change from dealer delivery. Customers who choose Performance Center Delivery are given driving instruction on the test track at the Greer, SC (Greenville-Spartanburg area) facility followed by a tour of the assembly plant where X5s and Z4s are built. During the course of the day, the customer's car is delivered. These photos depict my experience with BMW Performance Center Delivery on July 29, 2005, when I got my new M3.

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Driving Instructor Jim478 viewsJim gave us a brief lecture in the classroom before we headed out to the track to try out what we learned.
Another Older BMW284 viewsThis one looks like an Aston-Martin!
Grandpa Mike, Jason, and Cindy92 views
Cindy and Jason in the Barbie Jeep that Cindy got for her birthday59 views
Ain't that Jeep great?56 views
Jason Hogging the Driver's Seat51 views
Jen helps Cindy with her steering -- she's not strong enough to steer yet, so she's dangerous77 views
Jen and her grandparents, Mike and Dotty54 views

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Aided by a low picnic table bench, I squat for the shot127 viewsPhoto courtesy of Jen GoldfarbNov 27, 2006
Although subjected to scorn for my camera machinations, I persevered156 viewsPhoto courtesy of Jen GoldfarbNov 27, 2006
My flat ass is plainly visible123 viewsPhoto courtesy of Jen Goldfarb.Nov 27, 2006
Cindy plays Jimmie Johnson (look Ma, no hands!)119 viewsBen and Martha in background.
Photo courtesy of Jen Goldfarb
Nov 27, 2006
Jen is the intrepid child photographer, here caught in action155 viewsNov 24, 2006
Obligatory Barbie Jeep Plug96 viewsNov 24, 2006
Jason prepares for a hard day of work on the south 40133 viewsNov 24, 2006
Jason tries to get arms around Grandma Janet's butt but fails miserably.124 views(Some tasks are even too great for a superhero Star Wars Luke Skywalker wannabe.)Nov 24, 2006