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Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary


Run by the Audobon Society, this slice of native Florida is located east of Naples, FL. A two-mile boardwalk provides an easy way to view this primordial swamp, which is habitat for a plethora of species of plants and animals. Some good gator pictures inside.

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St. John's River


What happens when I rent a boat at Hontoon Landing and cruise the St. Johns River in north central Florida? A lot of pictures of birds, reptiles, and the occasional cow! These photos were taken during two different such outings, one in March and the other in November.

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Here and There Around Florida

Around Florida - 09.jpg

While Barb was in Florida, I took the opportunity to travel around the state and show her some of our "native" scenery, which to a British Columbian, is kind of exotic, sort of. Here are some photos from the east coast, the west coast, and the center of Florida, including Captiva Island and Anna Maria Island.

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Random files - Florida - Nov. 2003
Better Poison Ivy Picture64 viewsNow, here is a well formed triplet just waiting for a tourist.
Save the Manatee73 views
Placid Scene on the Hontoon Dead River61 viewsThe St. Johns has many nooks and crannies like this.
White Ibis70 viewsTaking a breather from a day of poking the bottom for woims and stuff.
Cormorant89 viewsNote the rubberlike webbed feet.
Sink Already!203 views
Around Florida - 10.jpg
Barb on Some Causeway103 viewsI forget where this was, exactly. Well, I know approximately, but it would probably take me two or three tries to find it again.
Around Florida - 12.jpg
Blue Spring110 viewsBlue Spring State Park is a beautiful place near DeLand in east central Florida.

Last additions - Florida - Nov. 2003
Around Florida - 21.jpg
Barb Plays on the Beach196 viewsAt Sanibel Island, Barb sits and builds a sand castle or something.Jul 31, 2004
Around Florida - 20.jpg
Bubble Room170 viewsThe exterior of the Bubble Room, a veritable landmark in Captiva Island, FloridaJul 31, 2004
Around Florida - 18.jpg
Obligatory Waitress Photo #2186 viewsBubble Room, Captiva Island, Florida.Jul 31, 2004
Around Florida - 19.jpg
Dessert Selection184 viewsThe Bubble Room's dessert selection appears right behind my martini glass. Eat your heart out!Jul 31, 2004
Around Florida - 17.jpg
Bubble Room Waitress168 viewsI know you were waiting for the obligatory waitress photo. Well, this is it. Taken at the famous Bubble Room on Captiva Island, Florida.Jul 31, 2004
Around Florida - 15.jpg
Blue Spring160 viewsThe spring flows out through here to the St. Johns River.Jul 31, 2004
Around Florida - 16.jpg
Sunset, Sanibel Island172 viewsThe west coast of Florida is "the" place to view sunsets, particularly on Sanibel Island.Jul 31, 2004
Around Florida - 14.jpg
Mushroom145 viewsIt's at Blue Spring State Park, but why would that matter?Jul 31, 2004