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Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest


The Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest in extreme Western North Carolina was dedicated in 1936, 18 years after the death of the famed poet whose most memorable poem was emtitled Trees. This untouched old growth forest is replete with huge trees, especially the giant poplars of Poplar Cove. I was truly impressed and I felt that it was well worth the long drive to this quiet corner of North Carolina.

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Linville Gorge and Dry Falls

NC Fall 2003 - 08.jpg

Friend Barb and I headed east from the middle of nowhere, Tennessee, to enjoy some of my favorite scenery, which was enhanced by the fall foliage being near its peak. The pictures in this album are from Linville Gorge and Dry Falls, both in western North Carolina.

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Random files - North Carolina - Oct. 2003
NC Fall 2003 - 07.jpg
Linville Gorge648 viewsThe autumn view of the gorge from Wiseman's View.
NC Fall 2003 - 14.jpg
Barb Poses behind the Falls574 viewsI stood in a little cave to take this picture, so I wouldn't get wet!

Last additions - North Carolina - Oct. 2003
NC Fall 2003 - 15.jpg
Downstream from the Falls520 viewsBy this time, there was almost NO light at all, but my trusty Nikon D100 captured this scene quite well with available light.Jul 31, 2004
NC Fall 2003 - 16.jpg
One Last View of the Falls525 viewsAnd then it was sayonara to North Carolina for a while!Jul 31, 2004
NC Fall 2003 - 14.jpg
Barb Poses behind the Falls574 viewsI stood in a little cave to take this picture, so I wouldn't get wet!Jul 31, 2004
NC Fall 2003 - 13.jpg
Another View of Dry Falls518 viewsThe light was really low, so it is a good thing that my Nikon D100 has a fairly sensitive CCD.Jul 31, 2004
NC Fall 2003 - 11.jpg
Barb Lives Dangerously833 viewsNot ME--no way! Well, I've been on those rock outcroppings before, but I definitely wasn't too comfortable. There's a several hundred foot drop on three sides. Barb was energized--"replenished," as she'd say. (Too bad I forgot to bring the flash and she's in the late afternoon shadows.) This is in an area of Wiseman's View that is fenced off so you can't go there.Jul 31, 2004
NC Fall 2003 - 12.jpg
Dry Falls776 viewsIt was approaching sunset as Barb and I tooled through Western North Carolina around Cashiers on a windy, narrow road. We saw a sign that said something about a waterfall, and we decided to stop there for a looksee. Jul 31, 2004
NC Fall 2003 - 10.jpg
Hawksbill Mountain994 viewsViewed from across the gorge, Hawksbill Mountain (seen here) is adjacent to Table Rock Mountain. I suppose that if you look closely, you can see what resembles a hawk's bill.Jul 31, 2004
NC Fall 2003 - 09.jpg
A Lookout at Wiseman's View987 viewsA very serene place on an autumn day. The man pictured at the pulpit worked here many years ago. Thus, he had some interesting stories about the gorge.Jul 31, 2004