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Vancouver Island - Sept. 2003

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I visited beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia during September 2003. After arriving in Vancouver and meeting my friend Barb, we took the ferry to Victoria, where she lives, and had a week of fun and exploration.

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Random files - Vancouver Island, Sept. 2003
Vancouver - 07.jpg
Mt. Doug100 viewsThe locals call it Mt. Doug; Mt. Douglas is the official name. This is the view from its top.
Vancouver - 09.jpg
Pickin' Blackberries125 viewsI picked the right time of year for eating wild blackberries, for they were EVERYWHERE!
Vancouver - 14.jpg
Autumn Leaves157 viewsA natural composition in autumn colours. (Hey, don't correct my Canadian spelling. When in Victoria, do what the Victorians do!)
Vancouver - 22.jpg
Stamp's Falls109 viewsA pretty scene near Stamp's Falls, close to Port Alberni.
Vancouver - 26.jpg
Salmon Confab119 viewsSalmon gather and rest for the long trek upstream.
Vancouver - 29.jpg
Sproat Lake129 viewsBetween Port Alberni and Tofino, B.C.
Vancouver - 33.jpg
Kelp88 viewsMore Kelp washed up on Long Beach.
Vancouver - 38.jpg
Houseboat129 viewsYeah, like this house was built on the old hull of a boat.

Last additions - Vancouver Island, Sept. 2003
Vancouver - 45.jpg
Sunrise on the Ferry147 viewsMy departure day included a sunrise trip from Victoria to Vancouver.May 23, 2004
Vancouver - 47.jpg
Dawn in the Channel157 viewsThe ferry zooms past islands silhouetted against the awakening sky on its way to Vancouver.May 23, 2004
Vancouver - 48.jpg
Obligatory Ferry Window Self-Portrait II223 viewsWe had the coming over portrait; this is the leaving portrait.May 23, 2004
Vancouver - 46.jpg
Sunrise by Barb's Volcano198 viewsShe can see the volcano from her bedroom window, so it's "hers." This view is from the Victoria to Vancouver ferry.May 23, 2004
Vancouver - 44.jpg
Barb Cools Out198 viewsLying on rocks is one of her favourite things. (Hey, I told you not to correct my Canadian spelling!)May 23, 2004
Vancouver - 41.jpg
I Talk to the Trees...202 views...but they never listen to me. At the rain forest near Tofino, B.C. Note that I have no ass.May 23, 2004
Vancouver - 43.jpg
Sproat Lake179 viewsBetween Port Alberni and Tofino, B.C.May 23, 2004
Vancouver - 42.jpg
Barb on a Log215 viewsBarb crosses a bridge made from a fallen tree in the rain forest near Tofino, B.C.May 23, 2004