Ben Goldfarb's Site: A taste of the real Florida, a little about me, and other stuff.

About Ben Goldfarb (Mr. Big)

Mr. Big, 2007 Edition

First of all, I must tell you from whence "Mr. Big" emanates. The reason for the moniker is that my initials are B.I.G. My great-grandfather, Julius A. Marx, born in Germany and later, a jeweler in Braddock, Pennsylvania, once said that if a child is given initials that spell something, the child will indeed amount to something. Perhaps this theory was developed after reflection upon his own initials, J.A.M.

I was born in Altoona, Pennsylvania (USA). When I was still an infant, my family moved to Pittsburgh, where I spent much of my youth, through my early teen years. Since then, I have lived in various parts of Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, and The Bahamas. Long-term consulting assignments have resulted in temporary domiciles at various times, in locales including Detroit, Dallas, and Southern California.

One thing should be clear at this point: I am not the Mr. Big who leads a rock band of the same name. He can be found at I appreciate all the affection I have received from his many fans but you'll never see my face on a CD booklet unless it is a collection of my photographs—guaranteed!

Mr. Big, ca. 1964

In producing this site, I have tried to "give back" something to the World Wide Web, which has given me so much. What do I have to offer? For one, a registry and bulletin board for the Goldfarbs of the world. In April 2004, this moved to a domain of its own. Another is my collection of photographs of nature and natural settings. Finally, having had hip replacement surgery in 2001, I decided to write about my experiences and publish the resulting book on-line, so that others might develop a better understanding of the procedure from a patient's perspective. Finally, as a Penn State football fanatic, I have revived The Nittany Turkey, where I comment and opine about the Nittany Lions and whatever else is on my mind.

I hope you enjoy the pages you will visit here. Please feel free to send me comments via e-mail or see my Contact Me page.